Blocking Lessons – Basic Blocking Instructions for Newbies

Bai Chan is known as a type of folk card that has been present in Vietnam for a long time. This game has been loved since ancient times and is still played in many places today. New88 today, there are also many people who want to learn this special game. In the article below we will help explore details about Chan card.

What type of card is Chan card?

Bai Chan This is a type of card that began to be popular in the 19th century in Vietnam. This game is played a lot in the Northern region and is loved by many people. It is known that this game originated from Japan, because the cards have images depicting this country’s style.

Learn about what the card game is like

The Chan game is also said to originate from the famous To Tom card. But with Chan, the number of cards used is less, and the gameplay is simpler than To Tom. Chan can be considered a variation of a different fighting style of To Tom. Currently this game can be played online at New88 super attractive.

Types of blocking cards when playing

  • Sure: It is understood as two cards that are the same. For example, you have two Tam Sach cards, two Tu Van cards,…
  • Che: Means two cards have the same number. For example, there are two cards, Tam Van and Tam Van.
  • Three Heads: Understand that three cards have the same number. For example: Bat Sach, Bat Van, Bat Van.
  • Lame: Odd cards, unable to sort out the above mentioned types of cards.

Instructions for basic blocking

Want to play Chan card then you need to know and understand it thoroughly. Here are the things you need to know when playing Chan:

Deck of cards

With Chan, it uses 100 cards in the 120-card set of To Tom. In that set, there will be 25 different types of cards, each type has 4 cards. Each card will have its own image and number for easy identification.

The cards will be matched by the rows Sach, Van and Van. Each type of card will be matched with numbers in order from Two to Nine. This number order is read and symbolized in the ancient Nom script. In addition, there is also the Chi Chi card that stands alone, not paired with rows of numbers.

Instructions on how to play cards in the easiest way to understand

Initial preparation step

In this preparation step, there will be activities such as dealing cards, picking cards and choosing cards. The steps are as follows:

Dealing Chan cards

  • Each person will be dealt 19 cards, the number of participants is from 2 to 4 people.
  • While dealing, two people will do it together, usually the losers will have to deal the cards.
  • Each person uses half a deck of cards to distribute to everyone participating. The cards dealt must be face down.
  • The cards left over after being dealt will be used for picking.

Pick the venom and choose one

  • For players who win the previous game, add 5 more cards to draw. In the 5 parts of the card, for each part, one card is turned face up, that card is called the card.
  • This drawing process determines who goes first and eliminates cards during play. This drawing will determine who plays in what order during play.

The process of playing cards is sure to make it easy to win money

Gambling process

During the game, the card playing process will be a bit complicated. You need to remember the following information:

Rules of fighting

The player will choose one of his cards and then play it face up to the right. Usually, they will fight where two people sit close to each other. The door is the word that refers to the position between two players, the upper door is the left, the lower door is the right.
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Pick up the Chan card

This means picking up 1 card and placing it on the left side. This door is also called the Lead door.

Eat cards

If under the mat there are any cards that can combine into Chan or Jack on your hand, you can win. After picking up a card, you must play another card from your hand instead.

Chiu Bai Chan

This is the most special type of card playing during the game. Simply put, if you have 3 identical cards in your hand, you can pick another card if there is 1 more card under the mat. You can draw no matter who plays or picks that card.

Return the door

When a card is played on your side, you can Chit it. Even if it’s not your turn yet, you’re still allowed. But then you have to return the door and leave a card on the side you just picked.


It is understood as winning the Chan card. In the case of U, you will have 19 cards to eat and combine 1 card from the venom to create 10 sets of Shields or Jacks. In that set, there must be 6 Shields. In Chiu, it can be counted as 2 Chan. With Chiu U and white hand upper and lower limbs.


Bai Chan is a quite special genre and has its own characteristics. Hopefully our article can help you play more easily. To be able to play this type of card game, you need to learn the rules of playing carefully. And practice a lot New88 will help you get acquainted with the simplest game.