Elevate Your Orthodontic Practice with Lip Bumpers

This renowned orthodontic supply company is dedicated to providing high-quality orthodontic appliances like Lip Bumpers. With a focus on innovation and precision, they offer essential tools that enhance orthodontic treatment outcomes for practitioners.

Creating Space and Comfort

Lip Bumpers are designed to relieve lip pressure and expand the arch of the lower jaw, creating necessary space for emerging teeth in mixed dentition cases. By utilizing a metal wire structure connected to oral bands, they effectively address crowding issues and improve overall dental alignment.


Versatile Applications

Eurasia Dental Lab‘s Lip Bumpers excel in various indications, including mixed dentition and initial molar eruptions. Their ability to increase arch circumference, facilitate tooth movement, and alleviate lower anterior crowding makes them a valuable asset in orthodontic practices seeking optimal results for their patients.



Lip Bumpers offered by this orthodontic supply company serve as indispensable tools for orthodontists looking to address space management and crowding issues effectively. By incorporating these innovative appliances into their practice, orthodontists can achieve improved treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction.