How to Play Xoc Dia in detail for you guys

The name Xoc Dia is certainly no longer unfamiliar to betting enthusiasts, right? This is a folk game that has been upgraded into an online game and is available in all large and small casinos on the market. Our today’s article will introduce to you how to play coin toss, let’s join Nhà cái Hi88 Follow me.

Rules for playing Xoc Dia at online bookmakers

Xoc Dia is one of the red and black games that attracts the largest number of players at online casinos today. This game is famous for its simple gameplay and high winning rate. If you want to find a game that is both entertaining and makes a lot of money, Xoc Dia is a name you should not miss. First, let’s learn together about the basic rules of playing Xoc Dia at this leading prestigious bookmaker in Asia.

Betting activities when playing Xoc Dia

A Xoc Dia betting table will usually have from 4 to 9 players. Each player can use their own skills to “read” the results. Cases where players can choose to bet are as follows:

  • For betting tables that only use one coin, the player will choose to bet on one of two bets, which is heads or tails.
  • For betting tables using two coins, players will have the right to choose one of three options, which are 2 heads, 2 tails or 1 head 1 tail.
  • For betting tables using four coins, players will have the right to choose from many different forms of betting such as: Odd Even bet, Over/Under bet, bet on the number of heads up coins…

Terms related to how to play coin toss

Players only need to have a smartphone connected to the internet to be able to comfortably enjoy this super interesting entertainment space. However, you also need to carefully learn the terms in Xoc Dia online such as:

  • If 3 or 4 coins appear red, it is called Over.
  • If 3 or 4 coins appear white, it is called Under.
  • Cases of parity: If 4 or 2 coins appear white or red, then this is an even result. If there are 3 coins of the same color, then the result is odd, for example 3 white and 1 red or 3 red and 1 white.

Attractive payout rate

The payout ratio is also one of the issues that players are very concerned about. Normally, online bookmakers that invest in this game offer relatively high payout rates. However, for each house there will be a different specific payout level. The payout rate when playing online coin toss at bookmaker Hi88 you can refer to as follows:

  • For Over or Under bets, the payout ratio will be 1 to 0.96.
  • For Even or Odd bets, the payout ratio will be 1 to 0.96.
  • For bets on four of the same color, the payout ratio will be 1:12
  • For bets on three identical colors, the payout ratio will be 1:2:6

How to play Xoc Dia

Xoc Dia is a game that attracts many players to participate at the house. However, for gamers new to this form of gaming, it will still be confusing. To make it easier for you, we will have detailed and specific instructions on how to play coin toss. Please join us to learn more details through the following steps:
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Step 1: Select participating products

The online Xoc Dia game supports users using many different devices such as phones, computers or tablets. You just need to connect your device to a stable internet connection to participate easily.

Step 2: Log in to the house

You need to register as a member of the house to be able to participate in all the super exciting entertainment games here. Note, when creating an account, you must provide complete personal information and bank account information.

Step 3: Deposit money

To participate in any betting game, you need to deposit money into your game account. You just need to follow the house’s instructions to deposit and transfer money from the general fund to the Xoc Dia game fund.

Step 4: place a bet

After completing the login and deposit operations, this is the time when players can comfortably experience the games at the house. You choose the “Online Casino” section and go to Xoc Dia game and you can enjoy this game.


Above is all the information on how to play Xoc Dia. Hopefully the above information will help you quickly get acquainted and master the betting principles of this game. Register now for a game account at the house to freely explore and experience the most exciting games.