Step-by-step process of dealing legal cases with AM Partners

Finding the right legal support is always indispensable in handling legal conditions and trouble. Not just legal issues, but also right legal support and guidance is required in various legal processes such as registration, petition filing, etc.

So, it is important to identify the right legal firm that offers proper legal support and guidance at all point until the end of the commitment period. One such law firm in Chandigarh is AM Partners.

AM Partners stand as one of the leading legal firms in India and they offer significant legal services. Get to know their various legal services and their agenda on dealing legal cases via this blog.

AM Partners and their legal services:

AM Partners is one of the well-established legal firms in India located at Chandigarh. We offer a wide range of legal services for Indians as well as NRIs settled in the USA, Dubai, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East.

Being the best law firm in Chandigarh, our legal practice areas are as follows:

  • Land Disputes
  • Writ Work
  • White Collar Crimes
  • Corporate Litigation
  • Black Money Act
  • Crypt0/gaming
  • Adoption
  • Marriage 
  • Divorce
  • Data Centres
  • Criminal Matters
  • Pharmacy 

Moving on, here is the step-by-step process of dealing legal cases by AM Partners.

Step-by-step Process of Handling Legal Cases in AM Partners:

With leading lawyers in Chandigarh, AM partners take utmost care in providing professional legal services and here is our agenda.

Step 1: Initial Consultation

The primary step of offering legal services at AM partners is providing initial consultation.

Clients can reach out to us via their website, phone, or email to schedule an initial consultation.

In the process of initial consultation, we gather all relevant documents and information related to your case. This may include contracts, correspondence, photos, receipts, or any legal papers.

With these documents, we can discuss the details of your case with a lawyer. Be as detailed as possible in explaining the situation. 

You can also get to know the fee structure of AM partners.

Step 2: Engagement Agreement

The engagement Agreement is signed as the promise of commitment to take up your legal case.

The firm will write an engagement letter or retainer agreement detailing the conditions of service, costs, and the extent of legal assistance if you want to move forward. Review and sign the agreement if you agree to the terms.

Step 3: Case Assessment and Strategy Planning

Following the engagement agreement, to properly comprehend the matter, the firm might need more thorough documentation and maybe even hold interviews or investigations.

Advocate in Chandigarh will analyze statutes, case law, and pertinent legal precedents in order to do thorough research on the legal issues at hand in your case. Your attorney will examine possible outcomes and methods and create a legal plan specific to your case based on the facts and research.

Step 4: Pleadings and Filings

In the event that litigation is required, your advocate at AM Partners, the leading Corporate law firm in India will prepare the pleadings and motions that must be submitted to the court.

Copies of legal documents are served to the other party or their agent after being filed with the relevant court.

Step 5: Discovery, Negotiation and Mediation

Through discovery techniques like interrogatories, depositions, and requests for documents, both parties exchange pertinent information.

To support your case, information gathered during discovery will be examined.

Your attorney will try to obtain a settlement that benefits you through negotiations with the other party.

As an alternate method of resolving disputes when negotiations are stagnating, mediation may be employed.

Step 6: Trial and Litigation

Further on, AM Partners will get everything ready for the trial, including gathering information, preparing witnesses, and formulating arguments.

 Opening speeches, witness testimony, evidence presentation, and closing arguments are all heard during the trial. A verdict will be rendered following the trial by the judge or jury.

Step 7: Post Trail Formalities

You might think about filing an appeal if the decision is negative and you have good reason. In such a case, AM Partners, the best law firm in Chandigarh will guide you.

Otherwise, should the result be in your favor, will be to put the judgment into effect.

Step 8: Case Closure

AM Partners will finish billing and provide an itemized statement of services upon the completion of all legal proceedings.

A last conference with your attorney may be helpful to go over any potential consequences the case may have down the road as well as any other legal actions required to ensure compliance or close the deal.

Further on, we extend our support even beyond closure of case for any further legal guidance.

As a professional and the leading law firm in Chandigarh, AM Partner will offer utmost support and guidance to its clients without any negotiation.

Choosing AM Partners can be your best choice even it critical legal conditions, as this company holds significant lawyers in Chandigarh and thus ensure efficient legal services for their clients.

As choosing the right legal firm is the essential step to win over any legal conflict, choose your legal partner wisely for better outcome.


As a final point, we would highlight that it’s essential to maintain open lines of communication with your lawyer throughout the process and to ensure that you are fully aware of all developments in your case. This guide provides a broad overview, and specific steps might differ based on jurisdiction, the nature of the case, and the practices of AM Partners, the leading law firm in Chandigarh.


  1. What are the steps of legal research?
  • Case analysis
  • Legal issue identification
  • Relevant source extraction
  • Analysis and strategy planning

2. What is the process of legal services?

A person in need of free legal aid or advice can get in touch with the relevant committee or authority by submitting an application, which can be done orally in person or by mail or letter. The application must be completed on forms provided by the relevant authorities and must include a brief justification for the need for legal aid.

3. What are the legal services offered by AM partners?

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Custody
  • Corporate law

4. What is the role of corporate lawyer?

The role of corporate lawyer involves handling business, legal and financial aspects of corporate companies by sharing their expertise and guiding them