The most detailed instructions on how to play basic Lieng

Do you like card games with fast gameplay but no less attractive? Then Lieng is the perfect choice. This is a very familiar genre, and has attracted many participants. If you want to learn how to play Lieng in the most detail, follow the article below New88.
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Overview of Lieng game

Lieng is a card game originating from Vietnam that has been around for a long time. Specifically, according to recorded documents, this game originated from two North Central provinces: Nghe An and Ha Tinh. After that, the way of playing Lieng gradually spread to the North. Thanks to its quick and simple gameplay, this game is always participated by many people.

Lieng is like other card games when using a deck of 52 cards. Maximum number of players is 6 or at least 2 people. The way to play Lieng is the same as 3-card card, when calculating points based on the total score of 3 cards that the bettor receives. However, this game has the characteristic that betting is similar to poker but participants can only bet once.

When learning how to play Lieng, many people comment that this game is related to poker or three-card. It is considered very attractive with its simplicity but no less attractive when it can stir up the atmosphere effectively, suitable for anyone.

Learn the decks of cards 

Each game has certain rules regarding hand rankings. How to play Lieng is no exception to that. Understanding the decks of cards will help players know how to compare scores with their opponents. At the same time, avoid being deceived by others. According to the basic way of playing Lieng, the decks of cards are arranged in order from high to low as follows:

Ministry of Wax

Wax means there are 3 identical cards. For example, when there are 3 6s, it is called a 6, and a 7 is called a 7. If there are many cards in the game, it will be based on the value of each set to find the winner. The order of the decks of cards is as follows: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A. The Ace will be the suit with the greatest value.

Lieng Ministry

Used to refer to 3 cards with consecutive and inconsistent values. Accordingly, QKA is considered the largest and A23 the smallest. Note, KA2 will not be counted. In addition, in a card game with many cards, it will be based on the value of each suit or suit to find the winner.


A player whose cards are all heads (J, Q, K). In a game, if there are many pictures, the cards will be compared. When the quality is equal, compare the value. In order: J, Q, K.

Score Set

Simply put, it means calculating points according to the value of 3 cards, to determine winning or losing in Lieng play as follows. Divide this total number by 10, the remainder will be your score. Except for the first pieces such as 10, J, Q, K, which count as 0 points. 

For example: if the player is dealt 3 such as 3, J, A, the total will be 4. If there are 3 cards A, 9, 9, then it will be counted as 9. If 2 players have the same score, they will compare the card with the highest suit. .

How to play Lieng?

Below are simple and easy-to-understand detailed instructions on how to play basic Lieng, helping you to immediately participate without any difficulty. Support to avoid being cheated by others and losing money unfairly.

Enter the card game

As mentioned above, Lieng has a betting method similar to Poker. You will place your money before the game begins. The law stipulates that each person’s bet amount is the same and equal to the bet amount set by the house. This is also known as floor money.
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The round will start in the right-hand direction, counterclockwise. The table owner will be the one to make the first card in the first game. From turn 2 onwards, whoever wins the previous game gets to go first. When dealing cards, players need to observe carefully. If your opponent knows a certain technique, it will cause you to lose and the game will be unbalanced.

It’s your turn to Play

When it’s your turn, you will have a certain amount of time to decide your next direction. If the bettor still has not made a decision, when the time has expired, it will be considered a fold. According to the basic way of playing Lieng, there will be 4 operations as follows: 

  • Set: When performing this action, the player will be considered to give up the hand. Accordingly, you will lose the entire bet amount previously placed. It’s best to only take this action when you feel your set is too weak to win.
  •  According to: This is an operation when a player places the same bet amount as the previous player, and only then does this action when he sees that his deck of cards has the possibility of winning.
  • Raise: When choosing this action, you will bet a larger amount than the previous player. Then, the next person must bet the same amount or higher than you if they want to continue.
  • All in: This action is only for players. When you are 100% confident that your deck will win, you can bet all the assets you bring, “take it all or go out”. This action is called going all in.

Note that with Lien play, each person can only bet once. After performing the above steps, start comparing cards. Whoever has the higher total score will win and receive the entire bet amount. Therefore, you need to calculate carefully if you don’t want to go broke, especially when worship is not simply a matter of luck.

End the game 

After the player has completed his actions. The game will enter the final stage. However, if either of the following two situations occurs, the game will end immediately.

Case 1: When there is only one bettor left on the table who does not show their cards, it is considered a win, while those who do not bet or feel their cards are too weak should decide to abandon the game.

Case 2: If there are at least 2 people, we will compare cards or the player who plays all the money they have and wins can only win the amount up to the round that this person followed.

Reason or loss?

Being subjective and looking down on opponents

This is considered the reason that many people encounter. Because you always have the mindset of relying on luck, this mentality will make players subjective. Therefore, it is necessary to research tactics, carefully study the gameplay, and not play on impulse.

Not practicing skills

Many people think that playing Lieng is simple, so playing arbitrarily without knowing the rules of the game is a disastrous mistake. Any game has its own experience and secrets to winning. Therefore, if you do not practice your skills, losing is inevitable.

Don’t learn the cycle

Here we refer to the cards, even though they are arranged randomly, they all have cycles. Especially if playing online, with 5-6 people playing cards, the probability of a lucky happening is very high. Therefore, there can be many beautiful cards dealt. If you have a reasonable playing style and money, you will have many opportunities.


The members of the card all have their own strategies for playing Lieng with their own strategies. Therefore, if you can’t control it and get caught up in the game, the odds of losing are extremely high. Winning a pocket is inevitable if you are lured by the opponent to follow their playing style.

Above, are instructions how to play lieng The most detailed basics for you, especially those new to the game. Hope you have fun with this card game. But remember to always keep your mind and stop at the right time!