What is shaking odds – Quick betting tips to get rich in 2023

What is shake odds in soccer betting today? Does shaking bets help bettors win more easily than other forms of betting on the market? If you have the above questions, follow my articleBookmaker  New88SG below to get the most detailed answer.

Detailed explanation of shaking odds: What is shaking odds?

At soccer betting halls, bettors have probably seen introductions: what is a shake bet, how easy it is to win big with a shake bet,… So is this type of bet really as attractive as what the bookies advertise? Are not? Try to learn about the definition of shaking odds first, then let’s analyze it more carefully.

What is the definition of soccer odds?

Shaking bets (or running bets) are betting methods that are placed during the ball rolling process. In short, shaking bets are a type of betting that only appears when the opening whistle blows.

In essence, shaking bets are the common types of bets that we often play (corners, over/under,…). However, they have an additional “vibration” element that limits the user’s betting time. A shake bet will usually have a maximum time limit for betting of 90 minutes, or even less.

Does trembling count as overtime?

Normally, the time spent playing shake rafters will not include overtime minutes. The main time to play the bet will be 45 minutes (for HT bets) or 90 minutes (for FT bets).

General operating method of shaking odds in football

That’s the basic definition of what shaking odds is for readers. So how to see the real odds at the bookmaker? To know that, we must first understand the operating rules of this betting method.

  • A shake bet will have 3 key factors: the type of shake, the ratio of the shake and the time the bet takes place.
  • The type of “vibration” here is the name of the previous original type of bet. For example, if you have an over/under bet, adding “vibration” will give you an over-under bet. At this time, the odds of the bet will be completely different from the original.

Explaining in theory seems a bit complicated, let’s try an example:

  • In the initial match, there is an over/under bet of 1.0 left, and the over bet has a betting rate of 0.96.
  • Now the bookmaker offers a vibrating bet for the over, the vibrating ratio is 1.2. So if you bet 100,000 VND on Over (during the shaking period) and win the bet, the amount received will be: 100,000 + 100,000 x 0.96 x 1.2 = 225,200 VND.

The most popular types of soccer odds on the market

If only divided by betting time, there will be two main types of shaking bets: HT (Half Time) and FT (Full Time). However, in reality at bookmakers there are many other variations of shaking odds instead of being divided as above. So what are the most common variations of flutter odds? Please read on to learn more in the following content.

Odds 300 Super Banh Cuon betting method awaits bettors to participate

Slightly different from other types of betting, Odds 300 is a type with a lower betting time limit. Remember in the section on the definition of vibrating odds, we all know that vibrating bets have a betting time of 45 – 90 minutes. So for this type of bet, we only have about 15 to 30 minutes to place the bet.

Betting time is shorter, compensating for higher prize money for winning players. Compared to some types of bets such as first half bets, second half bets or full time bets, this is truly a super green choice.
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Definition of over/under odds in football

Many of you are curious about what the 2.5 shake odds are in football. In fact, this is a form of over/under betting – a very popular betting method today. This is an interesting way of playing, fully combining the interesting points of the original two types of bets.

More specifically, this is still an over/under bet but is only announced by the house while the match is taking place. The bet 2.5, according to this definition, is actually over/under 2.5 but can only be placed during the time the ball rolls. The risk will of course be higher, in return the reward for the winner is super huge.

Corner kick odds – effective fighting style in difficult matches

The last type of bet we have not mentioned is the corner kick bet. This is one of the easiest to understand and get used to soccer betting methods, but the odds are slightly reduced. However, with a higher win rate than the above methods, this is still an option worth considering for bettors.

Secrets that bookmakers don’t want you to know when playing treble odds

So we now know what the concept of shaking odds is, along with some useful information about this way of betting. In the last part of the article, try to learn through some of the latest tips for playing win-win bets today.

Choose a reputable, well-known and safe bookmaker to participate

The first thing you need to do before participating in any type of betting is to choose a reputable address to participate. No matter what the soccer bet is or how attractive the bet level is, safety still needs to be given top priority. Knowing what vibrating odds is does not mean that you will not be deceived if you encounter a scammer.

Consider the time and progress of the match to place bets

Grasping today’s shaking bets and timing them correctly is the key to mastering this type of bet. Remember that shake bets have a very limited time to place bets, so you need to always stay focused and choose the most appropriate time to place bets.

Choose according to the type of “shaking odds” to calculate the possibility of winning

As in the classification of what shake bets are above, it can be seen that there are currently countless variations of shake bets for players to refer to. However, each type of betting has its own strengths, not necessarily one type of betting will suit every bettor.

Therefore, it is necessary to consider and choose the right type of “vibrating odds” to suit yourself. It is also necessary to mention whether the factor is suitable for the match or not, because if it is not suitable, the default win rate will be very low.

Only bet on shaking odds when you understand how the odds work

One of the most important notes for bettors is not to play haphazardly. It’s almost impossible for bettors to win the bet if they don’t even understand what shaking bets are, or how it operates.

Therefore, be sure to grasp the rules and concepts by which a shake bet operates. Only then can new bettors participate confidently and ensure their chances of winning.


Through this article analyzing and explaining what shaking bets are, we hope that bettors have learned more useful information aboutsport. Wishing readers who participate in betting smoothly, good luck and soon return to big wins.